The reason fairy tales simply say, “they got married and lived happily ever after” is because the true stories behind the wedding may be more in line with a high action drama with plot twists and a lot of strong language, than a children’s bed time story. While it’s almost impossible to remove the drama behind a wedding it is possible to manage the chaos around it all. 

Getting the Correct Help

One thing you must remember always is to ask for help. All weddings are stressful and overwhelming. Therefore, a dedicated person to help you will go along way to make your life easier. This doesn’t mean you must hire a planner, you just need someone close by who can carry out the tasks for you and remind you the items you forget. This can be for anything as complex as nice wedding catering auckland or simple picking a song to be played at the wedding. 

Know the Theme

A common mistake people often make is to try and incorporate too many items into a single event. They will try to add ideas they picked up from everywhere into their one event. While all the ideas maybe excellent, they most likely won’t all fit together. People can sometimes hire finger food catering Auckland while also hiring main caterers for the main meal. This will end up having the guests stuffing themselves on finger food and the more expensive main meals will go to complete waste.

Have a Plan

The only way to have a wedding without any major disasters is by having a proper plan of action and a few backup plans. The main reason for a plan is because from the planning to the event, there are going to be countless number of things to do. Your plan helps make sure one item doesn’t make you forget something else. Additionally, a plan will also help free up your mind help you stay in control, since everything will be listed down before hand. You should have some backup plans written down, this way when something goes wrong you have a quick and easy point to refer to solve the problem.

Work a Few Minutes Ahead

The easiest way to keep a wedding on track is to work a little ahead. This way you can stay on time and in the event of something going wrong, your whole wedding doesn’t fall apart. If you have any auspicious times or events that need to happen at a very particular time, work a little ahead up to those events and let the events catch up to you instead of you catching up to the events. The extra time can be used to prepare for what is to come next, keeping you always in charge.

With these four pillars, you can plan and have the perfect wedding without the chaos ad the drama that tries to creep in for any wedding. Staying in control and delegating control is the key to keep you happy and everything in check.

And They Lived Happily Ever After