So, what are wantons? Are they a thing? Or something consumable? Whatever the “thing” this is, must be something incredibly sweet! Ok, so wantons are more commonly known as “dumplings” which by the way, are something edible and it comes either savory or sweet depending on your tastes; and is very seductive to the buds. These are most preferably found within the Chinese kitchen and the process of production is incredibly easy and has so many ways in lieu of preparations. Firstly, of course you would need a clean kitchen to start with; depending on what you would like to “do” to the dumplings – that is, either fry, steam or boil you should be equipped with enough of the ready ingredients. These ingredients are very simple and have a 3 ingredient method and is very efficient. However; care should be taken as it may involve in using the stove – especially with kids, make sure that there is adult supervision as some can burn and take time. 

How to prepare dumplings

The world’s best dumplings are therefore founded in China, although now in many countries they share this simple recipe and as it is very easy to prepare go on, to more homely environments rather than having to travel to try out these delicacies. It is vitally important for many, amateur chefs though simple has to be taken care of well, and cooked thoroughly. Therefore, well; the method of having prepared it is quite simple, really. Firstly, combining the three main ingredients which are; flour, salt and water in a big bowl, thence freezing the mixture of a smooth and creamy dough paste – hence, creating a perfect texture, with whichever filling appropriate you may choose to then afterwards returning to the dough mixture; roll it into a flat and moderate sized circle, filling in the “stuffing mixture” into the flattened dough, fold it in half, stick it together and roll it around some flour and voila, there you have it – all there is to do now, is to just place it in a pot of boiling water and let it sit for 3 – 8 minutes in the pot and take out.

The varieties of dumplings

Different counties, have different methods, shapes and chefs prepare it in more alternative ways according to what region you reign from. It has a variety of fillings, and anyone can play around with the stuffing. It is then served with a mixture of sauces combined or even plainly eaten. It is a substitute of, many different dishes. Therefore wantons are a must try and must have at least once when you travel to China.

What Are Wantons?